As important to the Network as the H2 design, is the suitability and strength of underlying mounting structures. WeatherFlow H2 stations are mounted only on custom designed concrete poles or suitable existing structures. Where feasible and appropriate, WeatherFlow utilizes a specially designed hardened cement pole to deploy weather stations. These cylindrical poles are similar to the most durable currently manufactured for utility infrastructure. They are manufactured to specifications allowing them to withstand winds over 200 miles per hour, and are produced in multiple sizes. They exhibit minimal low frequency vibration in high winds, ensuring that data collected will be not be affected. These masts are erected at various locations to achieve optimum fetch, and are solely dedicated to housing WeatherFlow equipment.

To gain access to premium sites or because of specific client considerations, WeatherFlow will sometimes mount on existing structures such as structurally sound towers or a secured mini-tower on concrete roof buildings. Most buildings and structures deemed suitable for installation of standard weather stations are not utilized for the Hurricane Mesonet. Mounting on or near standard commercial or residential roofs, or even on standard meteorological towers all run the risk of hurricane damage and are thus not considered.