×WindX Partners


WindX™ is a proprietary parametric index solution designed to support the transfer and trading of catastrophic hurricane risk in the capital markets. Offered by WeatherFlow™ Inc. a leading provider of proprietary weather data, this solution is based on location-specific wind speed measurements. Either through direct reference to wind speed parameters or as a base input for derived indices, WindX supports a wide range of financial structures including over-the-counter derivative contracts, catastrophe bonds, and industry loss warranties.

WindX™ is driven by the WeatherFlow Hurricane Mesonet, a network of hurricane-hardened weather stations specifically designed to measure hurricane-force winds up to and exceeding 140 miles per hour. This new network complements the existing NOAA weather stations and WeatherFlow’s existing coastal observing system with a set of hardened and strategically sited stations suited to support the transfer of hurricane risk. In addition to risk transfer, the network wind speed data is valuable to modelers, insurers, and investors for research and development.

Market development for WindX is a joint effort between WeatherFlow and Risk Management Solutions™, a leading catastrophe risk management company.