×Market Applications

WindX will provide a parametric “currency” for transferring catastrophic risk. By augmenting existing NOAA weather stations, the Weatherflow network provides the reliability and objectivity that the capital markets demand. In addition, weather stations installed for WindX are strategically sited to provide insurers and reinsurers with the most density where there is the most insured exposure—providing a much better hedging capability than other alternatives.

×Risk Management Solutions

Risk Management Solutions (RMS) plays a lead role in turning the raw windspeed data from the WindX network into products and services for insurers, reinsurers, corporations, and investors. Specifically, RMS will serve as:

  • Product designer—developing index products based on the WindX network that meet market needs.
  • Marketing and sales agent—primary point of interaction with clients.
  • Calculation agent—producing official index results post-event.