×The WeatherFlow H2

The H2 utilizes proven components and customized engineering to ensure function and survival. The system features an RM Young 5103(6) anemometer and customized Axys data logger, both proven standards. Self-contained power is supplied via an expressly designed solar panel and long-life batteries for night-time and dense cloud cover situations. The solar panel mounting system is designed to withstand extreme force winds and, if necessary, eventually tear away in the most extreme conditions as opposed to exhibiting intense vibration. At the same time, the battery is designed to continue operating for up to 10 days after losing its solar panel. Most stations communicate via cell link that utilize a GPRS modem along with flash memory, allowing for the collection of a redundant data stream. At any time, the many months of resident data are available as back-up in case of data loss during transfer. In addition, data can be manually retrieved during any long-term loss of communications. The lack of wired power or communication provides flexibility in installation and important lighting protection. The data logger and battery casing are low profile, custom designed to survive winds over 200 mph. Mounting brackets and booms are also custom designed.